So, i have applied for chiltern maritime for a deck officer cadetship and my initial interview is tomorrow over Skype. My situation is; that i have applied for the Royal Navy but failed my medical due to an inguinal hernia, was due an operation in the next few months and then potentially in the Navy come next September. However, with my operation indefinitely postponed for the foreseeable future (at least 6 months) i have started to think about what i could do between now and potentially 2 years until i could commence Naval Officer training. Now, if you've got this far thank you for bearing with. I would be extremely interested in doing the cadetship for 3 years at chiltern, gaining the qualification and then joining the royal navy upon completion of the cadetship. If i enjoyed my time in the Merchant navy enough then i'd see no reason to leave. How would this go down with a shipping company upon completion of a cadetship, given i would also have no contractional obligation to stay with them. And how would this look during application for the RN? thanks, Joe