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  • Help wanted re: onboard training

    ... and by onboard training I mean (everyones favourite) CBT!

    My friend is looking to research aspects of continued training at sea and throughout careers as part of his dissertation. A good part of this will be about computer based training onboard but other than personal experience there doesn't seem to be a lot of information online and Dr Google hasn't been helpful so I thought I'd ask here.

    Things he's trying to find out are a general idea (even vague ballpark figures) of how much companies pay for things like the Seagull CBT courses with a view to making comparisons to shore based training. Granted there's probably a lot of variables in terms of how many courses a company wants or if any are tailored specifically to that company. I'm guessing fleet size is also going to be a large factor in costs? Literally any information at all would be helpful Like I said, Google has totally failed on this one so far!

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    Has he tried contacting the software companies?

    It might not be the same for Seabull etc but I worked part time at a software company prior to starting my cadetship and they were happy to chat with grad students on this subject


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      Carnival UK (and I think other companies of carnival corp) are rolling out a scheme on board called "Personal Development Record", basically its a TRB for us, with several tasks, then you have to get a senior person to sign it off to basically say you can do it. It's already been rolled out for 3rds and is in the phase of being rolled out for 2nds. After we have completed one we have to go to the Chief/SETO to get that one signed off and they will ask us a few questions to ensure it wasn't just signed off as bullcrap. It's a good system but very new and I think they still need to iron a few kinks out. For each step we complete we can move up pay bands (four bands, 3 PDRS, one being familirisation), then once in the top band we are deemed ready for a promotion. It currently uses this software but all the questions/tasks were done in house.

      Supposedly Disney already have a scheme like this in place, that was according to a 2nd who had worked for them in the past.