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  • 2nd engineer unlimited ticket

    Hi I have a question to anyone that might know about the kW power your ship has to have to be able to obtain an unlimited 2nd's ticket? I was led to believe that you would have to be sailing on a ship that has more than 3000 kW power but there have been changes to this I think. So was wondering if anyone had any information on this or is 3000 kW power still the case? Thanks Ross

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    Get your teeth into this updated info 11 June 2015


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      Without looking I'm pretty sure it's 18 month sea time of which at least 9 month is on a ship of over 3000kw


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        Thanks for the reply guys, well after reading the link that midge posted it looks like you only need 12 months sea time on a ship of at least 750kw to get your 2nd unlimited but 3000kw when your going for your chiefs ticket.


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          Ive been looking into this too, its always been on ships on at least 750kw but they have changed it from 18 month to 12 month