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SED Tax Return Selfassesment

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    Originally posted by Inland Pirate View Post

    I don't seem to have received anything, though I wasn't onboard in May so no pay... Might have to chase that up with the crewing manager then! So far I've just added up my payslips to March 19, then taken 5 days for April to bring me to the 5th.
    You don’t need a P60 - just declare it as normal as UK earnings and ensure you have proof of earnings available if requested (either bank statement showing every payment along with your contract or just payslips if you have them for the period) - Ive never received a P60 and I’ve been paid from France, USA and Cyprus over the years.

    half the time I don’t even get a payslip from current bunch as they insist on sending the things to the ship - luckily I get a letter from my bank every time they do an international payment so I just use that instead.
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      Thanks Alistair!