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DP intro course...which one?

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  • DP intro course...which one?

    I've seen a few different Dynamic positioning intro courses offered, from 2 days to one week. In order to get started with DP which one do I actually need?

    Advice r.e. providers also appreciated, obviously I'm aware of the ones that a quick google search throws up but are any known as being better/worse than others? I will probably want to do it in Aberdeen as I can stay with my brother there.


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    DP Basic in Aberdeen ASET


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      Forget DP intro, as said above you should go for the DP Basic. Take a look at the nautical institute website where you can find authoritative and up to date information. Are you onboard DP ships at the moment?


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        Thanks for both replies.

        I am currently onboard standby vessels but my company also has DP and interfield vessels, I would hope to get some experience on those. Any advice in general?


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          The DP course has a limited lifespan, and in an ideal world you would do the course directly before joining a DP ship so that the knowledge is fresh. Try and press your company first, and if it comes to you paying to do it yourself perhaps ask them if they have a preferre location.


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            I would be wary about paying for the course yourself. I did so but have had no luck getting any desk time in. I was with North****e at the time on their ERRV's if you ask to go on the PSV's they just fob you off. Even asked to do a trip for free, but they just aren't that interested. They only put their own cadets onto the PSV's. This may have changed in the last 18 months or so but I doubt it.