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  • Where to go from here?

    Hi folks,

    I managed to get myself a job straight out of Warsash on standby safety vessels offshore. I turned down two offers with Maersk and P&O cruises as I was adamant that I needed short contracts.

    I have found myself stuck on a 40 year old ship which is under 3000kW, about 30m long and its falling apart. My employers seem to have no regard for employee satisfaction despite everything i was told before i accepted the job.

    I'm worried i have backed myself into a corner that is very difficult to get out of. My main goal is obviously to get my seconds ticket done and that is not going to be achieved on these small standby ships. I have forgotten more than I have learned and I need to get out of here. I was told this job was an old mans game (no offence) and im now inclined to agree.

    Obviously now i feel like a prize idiot for turning down those two other jobs however I did it for, what was at the time, good reasons.

    My main priority, an obvious one, is to put myself in a position where i can learn everything and get the experience i need in order to get all my tickets done.

    Im thinking about cruise and I'd like to know who the best company is to join?

    can anybody suggest anything otherwise?

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    I would recommend you work for an oil company, you'll get loads of experience. From what I remember, junior engineers on cruise ships do a lot more watchkeeping.
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      Was a cadet on cruise ships, trust me, you can learn a lot on them, but the temptations are strong. Also you will just be backing yourself into another corner. If you really want to go away and learn and have the best prospects, you want deep sea oil/gas/lng tankers.
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        As above either tankers or humble pie and talk to Maersk again, they have both supply and deep sea you "might" get a choice....also shows character saying no then saying you where "wrong" (I know you werent wrong but you know what I mean)

        Good Luck and keep us up to date when you start the process
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          As Chiefy says, eat humble pie and re-apply!