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    I join my first ship as an officer this Friday, an ERRV based in the north sea. Is there anything anyone would advise me to brush up on/study/learn before I join?



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    Tea and coffee making ability?

    Just remember you'll be telling people what to do, not asking them to


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      Hmm... Differing management styles perhaps. If you tell people what to do then you only ever get what you ask for, and often not even that. If you involve them in the process and there is mutual respect, you can ask them with the knowledge they will do what is needed, and often more, ime.

      Anyway, first trip with a ticket, only advise I would give is do not be afraid to say 'I don't know'. Having a Coc now doesn't mean you're supposed to be infallible. It shows you are smart enough to be trusted not to hurt yourself or others, nothing more, don't expect too much of yourself.


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        I had a great trip. Everyone onboard was entirely professional and easy to get along with; nothing like some rumours I had heard. I learned a lot, especially about ship handling.

        As for needing things done, I find asking in a casual but polite manner "When you have time would you mind..." worked a treat. If anyone asked me to do anything for them, whether work related or personal, it was in much the same vein and I was happy to help them out.


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          What do you need to work on EERV vessels? I am a cadet on cruise ships. I find the MOB and fire drills to be the more interesting part of the job.


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            My personal opinion, ERRV is the most boring work I've ever done. It's okay if you are at the end of your career or need a few trips at sea to get some stamps in the discharge book as officer, otherwise I would say stay clear. I do enough running and close standby on my current vessel to keep me satisfied, never mind doing it all trip long. Admittedly I only did one trip as chief officer on an ERRV, but it was enough to put me off for life.