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  • VROON offshore?

    Hi guys,

    Been offered a job, in principle, with VROON offshore. Seems decent! Does anybody know what these his are like? Any opinions of them?

    My first job so I don't want to go running in head first!

    Would appreciate some help.


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    Have heard generally good things about them. If you want to get into the offshore world then go for it. A little experience offshore opens a lot of doors.
    Go out, do stuff


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      I done my cadetship with vroon and worked for them when I qualified. They are a good company with some boats better than others. Try and get on the multi role vessels as these are better paid and diesel electric which is a good thing to have experience of in the offshore industry.


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        Mickle60 I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions ... I am going on the ITSO course next Monday up in Aberdeen and hopefully, wont be waiting too long after to join my first vessel. Should I expect some sort of extended handover as it will be my first ever appointment? I have been told I will need to do a boatman's course as well which I suppose may come in handy.

        Should I expect similar sort of duties as a 3rd on other types of vessels? Also, how bad is the North Sea? I've never really done rough seas before but it's not something that will bother me I don't think.

        With regards to working hours, is it day work or watch-keeping? I am unfamiliar with the working schedules of these types of vessels ... Will we spend much time alongside where I should pack for an occasional trip ashore?

        Finally, do you mind me asking what you have moved onto? Did you move away from offshore and how easy was it to get a job in a different part of the industry?

        I'm fairly nervous as I suppose everyone is with their first job so sorry for the 21 Qs.

        Thanks bud.


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          Hi Snorey8, I realise your questions if directed to someone else but I hope I can help some. I was a cadet with Vroon. They are a decent enough company with a lot of nice new boats, but also a lot of real stinkers too.

          When I qualified I joined Atlantic Offshore, but same type of ships. You should be given a thorough hand over and also a thorough induction to the ship when you join.

          For duties, I'm not too sure about the difference in roles from 3rd officers on other types of vessels, although your rota is more than likely to be on watch 12am-4am, 12pm-4pm. I can ask the 3rd engineer onboard here about the differences as he has served time deep sea also, and get back to you.

          You won't be in port unless crew changing, or if repairs are needed, as it is standby vessels, so you will be on location for 28 days.

          Have they told you yet what vessel you will be joining?

          Good luck also, we are all pretty nervous starting a new job, but as soon as youre on board and get into the swing of it, it will be ok


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            thanks for the info bud!

            I have been on the ITSO course all week and fortunately there were two guys who were also cadets with Vroon so I have been given the low down.

            After speaking with them I'm a lot more relaxed about it!

            All the best mate.