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First voyage on the Cape Normandy.

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  • First voyage on the Cape Normandy.

    Hi there,
    Just been giving my maiden voyage details. I am joining the Cape Normandy around the 11th of April. I was just wondering if anyone on here has been aboard and could give me a brief outline on the facilities etc..
    Any information would be grateful, thanks.

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    She looks like a fairly bog standard Bulk Carrier.
    You are probably looking at being the only British crew members (assuming you are British) - Food will mostly cater for the majority nationality. Facilities will be a decent sized cabin, recreation room, mess and gym.
    She is quite new, so should be in good enough condition.
    It will be an interesting trip - try and go with an open mind.
    Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.


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      Yeah I'm British and have another British cadet joining with me. With the vessel being modern does that mean there's a good chance of it being UMS? I think this could be a problem for getting watch keeping time on my MNTRB. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.


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        No, UMS time is not an issue, it counts as watch keeping time if you are assisting the duty engineer with UMS duties, i.e. log in the morning, transferring fuel, rounds at night etc.

        If you are doing this at least one day in three then every day spent onboard counts as watch keeping time.

        There has been some confusion over this in the past with some people believing that only the days spent actually assisting the duty engineer count, but that is not the case,
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