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  • Am I being slow?

    Hello all,

    Right, just about to start a fixed term contract, 2w on/off, been advised a per annum pro rata salary, and its equivalent per day pay, all very nice. Having not done fixed term work before, I assume they pay the same as 'normal' in terms of paid leave, unless they state otherwise? Otherwise I may have made a significant error in judgement... If I'm only getting the 'per day' pay for 14 days a month there is going to be trouble at mill.

    I realise I could ask them, but trying not to appear a total numpty before I even start... Much rather do it in public on the internet :/


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    If you've been advised a per annum salary then that is what you should get per year if you work 183 days, whether they pay you one twelfth of your annual salary every month or one one hundred and eighty third per day that you work will be up to them.

    You could call and ask them to clarify the above without looking silly. You could also ask them to clarify how any extra days worked are dealt with, i.e. do you have to take them as leave, do you have to take them as cash or can you decide.
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      Thanks, thats what I had thought, basically half of the per annum salary, as its a 6 month contract. It was the 'per day' figure they gave me which threw me; I'm used to seeing Daily Rates, which as you say are 1/183 of annual salary, whereas they have stated 1/365 of annual, which they must pay during leave to hit the per annum.