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    Has anyone done this assessment for a certain company? 50 questions in 12 minutes? Would be interested to know a bit more about it, was slightly more challenging then I anticipated whilst I completed it over my morning coffee.

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    No idea what you are asking about......most of those tests though u answer what you can and its tbe proportion of right v wrong as opposed to just a plain high score
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      I think that might be it Chiefy It seems impossible to do all 50 with accuracy, I was surprised as I worked through to look up and see the time had already reach a few minutes remaining.
      It's a mix of mathematics, patterns, images etc. Very weird. It's part of a recruitment process for a large multinational shipping/offshore company.


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        Like this?
        Non verbal reasoning tests IQ test etc.


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          Yes something like that, but also with numeracy and number patterns.


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            Quite common as you start going up in the world although some companies use them for everyone, always referred to as psychometrics, just done a few for Piloting jobs and having asked for feedback I get the impression that quality wins over quantity. Practise as per the free ones like Midge linked and my top tips are:

            Don't rush - better not to complete them all but get them all right (most of these tests are designed never to be fully completed by the candidate!)

            Numerical - write a cheat sheet of fractions into %, estimating values etc
            Spacial - practise the patterns - look for shaded areas v non shaded etc
            Verbal - don't assume anything in the passages!
            Emotional IQ - Don't blag it and answer it with you gut reaction.
            Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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              Thanks Chris, I wish I'd done a bit of research before tackling the one I did. I think your tips would have come in handy. It will be interesting to see the outcome anyway.