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  • Namibia

    Hi people,

    I scheduled to join a vessel in Luderitz in Namibia in a weeks time.
    Anyone got any experience with Namibia?
    Any information, good or bad would be welcome.
    They told me I was gullible and I believed them.

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    Whenever I'm going somewhere new I have a quick look on 'Wikitravel':

    I know you're not there for your holidays, but there is generally some useful information about transport, customs, safety etc which is well worth a glance through.


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      Ive heard good things about the beer from Windhoek beer. Politically, its meant to be like apartheid era South Africa.
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        Hi Frenchy

        I joined a ship in Walvis Bay flying into and staying overnight near Windheok (Sp) it is probably one of the more civilised African places and although I didnt relax as much as Singapore etc I still had a nice stay and although everything is basic and the officials a little "full on" it shouldnt be too painful.

        Most seaman get put up in the same little hotel, sorry I cant remember the name but it was very basic (electricity was so bad it wouldnt charge my laptop) but this was all about 7 years ago so things may have changed.

        I wouldnt leave your hotel at night and make sure you have all of your documentation including agent letter handy when flying in or out.


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          Thanks everyone, this is all good info!
          They told me I was gullible and I believed them.

          Instagram: ASFrance