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What certificates do we need to bring to every vessel we join?

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  • What certificates do we need to bring to every vessel we join?

    I know as a cadet they tell you to bring all certificates to sea with you, but after qualifying and doing so many courses, people are left with a large number of certificates to haul about.

    What ones can we afford to leave at home?

    Do we need to take all STCW ones with us, or does having scans of them satisfy requirements?

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    You have to carry originals or the argument could be made that what you've got are fakes. Some PSC or Vetting inspectors look at them, but I can guarantee you that the MLC auditors will definitely look at them.
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      All of them, they weigh less than a gram each and 30 certificates take up the same space as 10.

      If you have a trip in your discharge book which starts in one hemishpere and ends in another then you can safely leave your crossing the line certificate at home, otherwise I would carry that one as well.
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        As I recall, STCW states that the originals must be carried.
        If I were you I'd invest in one of those polypocket folder things - that does it for me.


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          As the others have said - you need the originals and I recommend just carrying all of them with you - saves so much hassle if some random PSC inspector enquires if you have something.

          I have an A4 sized blue plastic folder thing ( it's a bit like this: ) with the dividers in it, so just stick all my paperwork including certificates in that and take it in your hand baggage.
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