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who drives the tenders on cruise ships?

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  • who drives the tenders on cruise ships?

    is it the navigation officers? or is tender driver a specific job onboard?

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    Depends on the company. With P&O Cruises the tenders are generally driven by the third officers and the four deck petty officers, with support from the deck crew. On Cunard, the tenders are driven by the deck crew.
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      Tenders can also be provided by the port. As to whose driving them and what qualifications they have god knows.


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        If you show enthusiasm and listen to instructions well as a cadet, you could probably get some good opportunities to drive them. Very good for learning the basics of boat handling and essentially the fundementals when it comes to ship handling (Sort of). Surprising how many officers are absolutely awful at boat handling...


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          What YM said - a lot of people don't realise a full tender of 120 people is quite a responsibility and handles differently to a empty boat.
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            Yeah I know a few cadets with cruise lines that got to drive them.


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              As others have said it varies by company - in our case the QMs and cadets drive them.
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