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  • Warsash

    Interesting place, seeing as this is my first time here. Not really seeing overly much it has to be said, but I am having quite a bit of fun playing (and possibly breaking) the new engine simulator! (I think we highlighted a new bug in the system today!!)

    Though I have to say, I have no complaints with the catering we are getting, albeit we only get lunch at the college (staying at the Solent Hotel).

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    We apologise to the inhabitants of Warsash, we had a minor issue with No. 2 Generator today, which caused a temporary blackout. We hope this did not cause too much hassle.

    On a more serious note, I did wonder why the new wonderfully expensive Engine Simulator is not run on a UPS power supply?? All credit to the guys for getting it back up and running again, they just pre-empted our plan to find a pub