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Current state of British Cadets?

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  • Current state of British Cadets?


    I posted this a month ago and having had only 2 responses, was going to give it one last try before giving up.

    My name is Ewan Thomson and I am a Deck Cadet with Gardline Marine (survey/research company) studying at Plymouth University. I am currently working off the coast of the Republic of Congo, in and out of Pointe Noire (A place I do not reccomend for a holiday)

    I am conducting a study into the training and education of British deck cadets as part of the 3rd year of study, which will later go on to form the basis of my dissertation. I would be very grateful if you could spare a few moments to fill out an online, multiple choice questionnaire and share your thoughts regarding British Deck Cadets and/or any opinions on the Merchant Navy Training Board Scheme itself.

    You can answer as fe or as many quetsions as you like but it really is very short.

    For Officers / Masters with experience of British Deck Cadets onbaord:

    You are in one of the best positions to comment on how competent the British Deck Cadets are and as such, the state of the education system.

    Any newly qualified Officer's , it would be great to share your views on the cadet questionnaire regarding how well you feel your education has prepared you for your new position.

    For newly qualified Deck Officers

    I look forward to your responses. Any further questions / problems, just let me know.

    Thanks, Ewan

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    Done! :]
    Remember, you can be sea sick and sick of the sea. Avoid both at all costs...


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