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Master 200 vs WB Master 500

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  • Master 200 vs WB Master 500

    Hi all,

    I'm an OOW Deck (II/I Unlimited) working on windfarm support vessels, and am weighing up whether to go for a Master 200 or Master Workboat 500 CoC. If I go down the Master 200 route, will I retain my OOW ticket, and would there be a route to upgrade to the Master Workboat 500? I understand that the conversion from Master 200 to Master WB500 is 36 months seatime, but from OOW Unlimited to WB500 is 12 months, so would it be possible to hold the Master 200 CoC and still be able to sit the Master 500 CoC after I've got 12 months seatime with my OOW ticket, or would I be restricted by holding the Master 200? If anyone has any experience with this, let me know!

    Many thanks

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    Honestly I can see zero advantage in going for the M200 over the M500. The Master 200 lives in this sort of grey zone, check the MGNs and you'll find it missing from alot of places! The guys that have them always put STCW II/2 "Management" ticket and it's the biggest load of bullsh*t.

    Just wait and do the 500, there are jobs in other sectors of UK coastal that need 500GT Masters and the pay is a good bit higher.


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      To get your Master 500gt from OOW I think you specifically need time on smaller vessels?

      They system is doesn't make sense, people can just use sea time from bigger vessels to get their Chief Mate Unlimited and automatically get Master 3000gt and be master on small vessels from up to 500gt even though might never have worked on a vessel up to 500gt.

      I mean it doesn't make sense in that you would think if people can get a Master 3000gt after only being on bigger vessels and not smaller vessels people should be able to go from OOW to Master 500gt after only being on bigger vessels.

      It would make sense if people who got Master 3000gt were limited from getting Master under 500gt until they had 12 months seatime on vessels under 500gt.

      In many ways being a Master on a smaller vessel under 500gt can be more challenging than being one on much bigger vessels that just go in a straight line all the time, as smaller vessels generally involved a lot more ship handling than bigger ones.