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  • Chief Mate Unlimited to Master 500NC

    Has anyone had their Chief Mates CoC endorsed for Master 500NC?

    Or do you have always have to take the Exam D on the MGN69?

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    If you hold chief mates COC you only require sea time to be able to get an endorsement for Master 3000. I guess it depends how much seatime you have though.

    Have a look at MSN1856


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      Thank you for your reply.

      The question though is about getting a Master 500 near coastal licence.


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        As per the below taken from MSN1856:

        "6.2 Certification for Master less than 500 GT, near-coastal trading area, STCW
        Convention regulation II/3
        To qualify for the issue of this Certificate of Competency you must meet the following
        (a) Be at least 20 years of age;
        (b) Hold a valid OOW unlimited, II/1, Certificate of Competence or OOW less than 500 GT,
        near-coastal trading area, II/3, Certificate of Competence;
        (c) Have completed 12 months’ watchkeeping service while holding a regulation II/3 or II/1
        Certificate of Competency;
        (d) Hold the applicable ancillary and safety course certificates listed in section 10;
        (e) Hold a valid ENG1 (medical fitness certificate) or accepted equivalent;
        (f) Pass MCA oral examination ‘D’ (for the syllabus see MGN 69 or any subsequent

        So the short answer is yes, you will need to do the oral if you want Master near coastal 500gt.

        HOWEVER if you have a total of 36 months sea time since qualifying and a chief mates unlimited then you can have this endorsed for Master 3000 (which would obviously allow you to be master on whatever small vessels you are looking at) without doing any further exams. I looked into this recently and I think it costs about £75.

        Obviously if you don't have the sea time then you can either wait until you do, or do the master 500 exam. I don't imagine the exam would be particularly taxing if you have already obtained your chief mates, it would be a bit easier than that I would think.