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  • Volunteer as an officer

    Does anyone know of any organizations that accept officers as volunteers?

    So if someone was short of sea time to renew their CoC they could volunteer to get that sea time.

    I've heard that some of the organisations that accept volunteers like Mercy Ships are hard to get into because so many people want to volunteer there. With the likes of Mercy Ships there also could be some problems with sea time as they spend most of the time in port and don't move to new locations very often.

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    I have friends who were able to do trips on ferries as temporary 3rd mates/4th Engineers through crewing Agencies? Might be a good place to start.


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      Pretty sure mercy ships are desperate for qualified officers, I was looking into it for a while and they were willing to waive the $750 monthly fee/donation/rent you had to pay to get me on. This was a couple of years ago so things may have changed, but they have just launched a new ship too...


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        We're interested in volunteer 3rd officers for the summer! We're full to the brim for our winter voyage but for the summer season we are always on the look out for people who can confidently single watchkeep, and are willing to learn about the sailing- for the right person/people it could lead to paid work as relief 2nd officer...

        Have a look at what we do...


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