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Training Allowance on Self Assessment Tax Return?

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  • Training Allowance on Self Assessment Tax Return?

    Afternoon all,

    I'm completing my self assessment return for the first time and was wondering if I could get some advice from some of the better versed members of the forums.

    I completed my cadetship in august 2018 and was therefore paid my training allowance (well under the tax treshhold) from the begining of the tax year until august. I got my first job as a contractor in october and earned well over the threshhold. I know i have to declare my earnings with regards to my contracted (qualified) wages, but do I need to let HMRC know about my training allowance too? I've read on these forums that it might be classed as a bursary and therefore not taxable?

    Any light that could be shead on this would be greatly appreciated.



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    As far as I remember scholarships, and bursaries are not classed as employment income, as long as you satisfy certain criteria like are at a recognised college and or undertaking a course for a certain numbers of weeks, which a cadetships is. I also recollect that under the state aid guidelines that cadets were not employees either. But those that are employed like RFA who are not receiving funding by the scheme are perhaps then classed as employees and income is then taxable? Check out the HMRC website or call them is probably the best option.
    Also thinking back the various training companies stated it was a bursary and not taxable as an incentive... maybe check on a few websites like MNTB?