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    I got my OOW Unlimited II/1 (Deck) last year and since have been working on Workboats and Tugs around the UK. I'm absolutely loving the job but since the vessels are relatively small (under 500gt) I'm interested in learning more about the engineering side of the job.

    Does anyone know much about the routes I could take? I'm currently getting lost in a rabbit hole of M Notices so would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

    To clarify, I don't necessarily want to become an engineer instead of a Bridge Officer. Instead I want to learn more and see what options in terms of tickets and qualifications I have.

    Cheers everyone!

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    I’m confused - so you want to see if your deck tickets let’s you be an engineer?
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      I'm probably not being clear (it's been a long day tugging!). We've only got minimal crew, say 3 to 5, so I'd like a better understanding of the engine room. Mainly because it'd be good to help the Chief who usually works by himself but also it'd be handy to be able to work as a 2nd when the other tugs require a man.

      It's a bit different working in this industry. I usually jump between 6 different tugs during my rotation so the more you can do the better. There are also dedicated tickets for Workboats and Tugs to facilitate this which is what I'm trying to figure out.


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        Self fund your AEC and start getting time as an engineer! Work up through your Small Vessel tickets. It's really not hard - I know people doing it that are 'handy' but that's about it! It's like the small deck tickets, you skip lots of the theory in favour for being very practical. The Workboat code circumnavigates the need for big tickets on small boats!


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          Cheers for the message. I've had a good look at the AEC and it looks ideal for taking that first step towards engineering.

          Appreciated matey!


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            So after a lot of research I found a great diagram which shows the progression. I thought I'd share it here incase it helps anyone else interested.


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              You could check out an MEOL too, they're useful for small craft engineers.