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    So I've managed to land some work in the CTV industry in the coming months but have a few queries/questions... Qualified OOW.

    Additional Certs: What additional certs are absolutely necessary? It seems that lots of employers want the GWO courses for CTV crew - but when I see people working they don't have them? And sure enough, I'm not convinced they should be necessary when they appear in part to be lesser versions of my current qualifications (STCW Advanced Fire Fighting etc)

    Master 200GT: I think I've pinned this one down but it would be nice to hear from someone who has done this RECENTLY. I see people saying there is no seatime requirement - but when I look at the MGNs it looks like it's 3 months seatime holding OOW and an Oral. Clarification?

    I also read that in order to progress through the 'Unlimited' CoCs, the vessel must be Over 24m. Sticking with CTVs seems to be about the same (if not more) money than going to ferries etc but looks like it will invalidate my OOW Unlimited after the 5 years are up. Is there some way that seatime on < 24m boats can count towards MCA 'seatime'?

    Finally - the Master 500GT (Workboats) seems like a nice end goal for now - although the requirements look for a 'Workboat TRB' as well as 12 months seatime on workboats and the Oral Pass!!!

    If I'm honest, I can't help but feel that the career pathway is aimed towards people coming from 'crew' heading to Master of the workboat rather than OOW Unlimited converting - is there a different pathway I'm totally missing??? Please read though that I'm not complaining about this, just confused and will be rather annoyed if it turns out I could qualify fast etc...

    Thanks in advance!
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    just a quick reply, the sea time on a workboat will count fully towards your unlimited license so long as the vessel is more than 80gt and when out of the UK leaves the breakwater, if you operate in the UK i believe you need to reach international waters. for the Master 500gt, proceed to do your chief mates unlimited and you will get the master 500gt endorsed or master 3000 depending on your sea time.