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Chief mates unlimited to masters 500gt

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  • Chief mates unlimited to masters 500gt

    Could someone clarify if my understanding is correct. As far as I'm aware you need 36 months in total sea time for your Chief mates unlimited to become a Master >3000gt, as per MSF 1856. As I currently only have 24 months and hold a Chief mates unlimited is this equivalent to a Masters 500gt without doing anything further?.....apologies if the answer is very easy to find I just couldn't see it.

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    Yes you can get the Master 500, just need to reapply to MCA and it will be put onto your COC


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      This is really frustrating cos I understand it basically as above but I wrote an email to the MCA and they said I need to sit the oral exam. I have a feeling that the person didn't really know or didn't read my question properly because it felt like a very generic answer. I might call them when I'm home and argue my case and then request that in writing