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Have I got enough sea time for my Masters unlimtied

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  • Have I got enough sea time for my Masters unlimtied

    Hi everyone,

    I have another question as the MCA wording in the relevant MGNs is very vague. I want to know if i have enough sea time to sit my masters unlimited oral exam. It says that you need 36 months sea time as an OOW. However, is this 36 months prior to obtaining your chief mates ticket or just 36 months altogether from OOW regardless of when you gained your C/O.

    I would really appreciate any assistance here as its 'doing my head in' please see the breakdown of my sea time below. FYI, I am no longer sailing so am not gaining sea time.

    Sea time holding OOW: 32 months 22 days
    Sea time holding C/O: 3 months 34 days
    Total sea time: 36 months 26 days

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this.

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    I think i may have answered my own questions in section 3.4 of MGN1856 it states

    "Have completed 36 months’ watchkeeping service while holding OOW unlimited II/1, Certificate of Competency."

    What is confusing me is the graphic in the NoE document and annex A of MGN1856.

    Any other input or opinions would still be appreciated.


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      36 months total since gaining oow I believe so you would qualify. Best way to find out is send in an application for an NOE and see if they give you one!