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Better opportunities with a Chief mates ticket ?

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  • Better opportunities with a Chief mates ticket ?

    At this time the shipping industry seems to be going down , there are literaly no jobs for NQOs. Someone who qualifies with no job at the end is unlikely to be able to pursue a career as a seafarer. For getting a job its all about being lucky , almost beleiving is some unatural force.

    I dont know how does the job market looks like for chief officers. With a CO ticket do we have any advantage ? Is it easier to switch jobs , ask for hikes ? Things that are totally imposible for NQOs or junior officers.

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    I’m not sure what an NQO is in the British MN but I would assume any superior ticket is better than a junior ticket. The British job market is currently fairly weak for deck officers it seems so anything to boost your chances is important. Lesser so but still relevant to engineering officers.


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      NQO = newly qualified officer. And yeah the more experience and qualifications you have the easier it is, as with anything.


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        Obviously with a Chief Officers ticket you will be more employable and the pool of vacancies grows (both Junior and Chief Deck Officer jobs). I definitely get the feeling there is a much higher demand for British Chief and Masters candidates - just look at the bigger recruitment agencies and see lots of senior vacancies but very few junior. I can't help but feel that this will get worse down the line if companies want British 'Top 4' but don't mind about the rest.

        But more specifically - if you have a C/O Ticket, you also have at least 12 months watchkeeping under your belt as a OOW and so shouldn't be held back by the 'experience' barrier any more for OOW jobs.