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Newly Qualified OOW trying to figure out how to get an AB's ticket

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  • Newly Qualified OOW trying to figure out how to get an AB's ticket


    I passed my orals earlier this year (OOW Unlimited II/1) and haven't been able to get a job yet. I've decided to try and get some AB work with an agency whilst looking but I'm a little confused.

    In order to sail as an AB I need a Certificate of Proficiency as Able Seafarer Deck Reg II/5.

    MSN1862 says I need the following to apply for this:

    (d) Complete at least:  18 months’ seagoing service in the deck department while holding an NWR Certificate, regulation II/4; or  12 months’ seagoing service, while holding an NWR Certificate, regulation II/4, if following an MNTB approved programme of education and training (Maritime Studies Qualification);

    This is what's confusing me. Do I need to apply for the NWR Certificate, regulation II/4 before I can apply for the Certificate of Proficiency as Able Seafarer Deck Reg II/5?
    And secondly it talks about sending a Watch Rating training record book when applying for the NWR Certificate. Would my TRB count from my Cadetship?

    If any OOWs have got their ABs ticket, or if anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate some help because it's confusing the hell out of me.

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    I'd also be interested to find out the answer to this. I've possibly been offered temporary AB work before my first OOW gig and will need to apply for an AB's ticket.
    I'm looking at the form which says it takes at least 28 days to process the NWR certificate. As a newly qualified OOW looking for that first contract I'm not sure I can afford to risk not having all my qualifications, certificates and discharge book at the ready.


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      I was in a similar situation several years ago after I failed to complete my cadetship, I had completed all the STCW training and my EDH, but I couldn't get a job as a Deckhand anywhere as I didn't have an NWR. in the end I managed to get a seasonal job on a ferry as an EDH without any waychkeeping responsibilities. Not sure if it is still the case but approved British companies were able to issue NWR certificates directly to crew, they should test you on your knowledge on board before issuing you one, and this is what I did.
      At the end of the season once I had my NWR along with an EDH I had no problem finding further work. Ferry companies seem to be quite good at taking on qualified OOW's on deck, so they are probably worth a shot.


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        I've spoken to a lovely lady at the MCA so have an answer to your question.

        Because the OOW Unlimted II/1 is far superior (her words) it meets the requirements of the Navigational Watch Rating Certificate II/4. This means you DO NOT need to apply for the NWR II/4.

        Which is good news.

        All you need to do is go to your local Marine Office and apply directly for the Able Seafarer Deck Certificate II/5. When you go she said it may be worth calling in advance to make an appointment (it took her a while to get back to me as nobody knew the answer to this question at first). You will need to bring your STCW certificates, CoC, discharge book (there may be more: check MSN 1862). To be honest when I go sort mine I'll just take everything just in case.

        Hope this helps Mr Dux.