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  • Moving to Tugboats

    I'm after a little advice from anyone who has worked on tugboats, or knows more than me about the industry (which is no doubt everyone).

    I've recently qualified as a Deck Officer working in the North Sea on supply vessels and it looks like my first contract out of college is as a Mate on a tugboat. The work looks incredibly interesting so I'm doing everything I can to learn about the job before I start (the cadetship never touched on this part of the industry).

    So this is a bit of an open question for anyone who wants to weigh in and offer any advice.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Well as a pilot I throughly enjoy doing trips with our tuggies, a good professional bunch of guys. I'm sure with some motivation you'll be shown the ropes and decide whether its what you want to do.


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      I know someone who has done it in Glasgow, he started as an AB for a year or so then went up to Mate. However that I believe was because he was determined to work in Glasgow and get home at nights - if you're willing to do longer tows/contract work to get some experience I think you can go straight as a Mate if you're available enough. Greg Livermore on Linkedin is your man.