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    Hello all,

    Before I bite the bullet and drop £1200 on this DP course, has anyone completed it recently and had any luck work wise?

    I'm currently working wind farms survey work etc, but would like to get onto the SOVs out here. So thinking it makes sense to put myself through it rather than hoping some company would.

    Any thoughts/advice really appreciated.


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    Hi JonnyUK,

    I'm not going to say yes or no but I will say it's a very difficult job market. I currently work as 2nd mate DPO on PSV's and have done for over 5 years now. Since the big crash in oil price the offshore job market is very much an employers market. There have been a lot of redundancies over the last few years and a lot of guys with DP induction working on ERRV's. I've been trying to move on to rov/dsv/construction vessels and they all want relevant experience despite having years of offshore experience.
    All that said, the oil price is rising although it's taking a long time to filter down to where it matters to us! A friend of mine did get a trainee job with subsea 7 through an agency with no dp experience last year which is promising. If I was you I would try Gulf, they don't pay the best but they seem to be recruiting and you might get lucky. The problem is that there are a lot of unemployed DPO's out there.
    Good luck but be careful how you spend you hard earned!


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      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the reply, sound advice. I was a cadet with Swire just as the market went to pot so I'm not surprised it's still pretty bad.
      I'll keep on the look out and see how things are going over the next few months.

      Thanks again!