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Any tips for a newly qualified deckie?

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  • Any tips for a newly qualified deckie?

    Evening chaps,

    Passed my orals a month ago and after a lot of pushing have managed to get my first contract as a qualified officer on a cable vessel. I've looked around the forums for a similar topic but couldn't find the right combination of words apparently. Mods feel free to delete this if it's been done a million times before.

    I've found a lot of tips and advice for everyone's first trip as a cadet, but my question is: does anyone have any tips and advice for my first trip as a qualified deck officer? Do you have anything you wish you had known you'd like to share? Any advice is much appreciated.



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    Don't be late for your watch
    Keep a notebook in your pocket, write your forgets and your **** ups down so you don't make the same mistakes twice.
    Keep a rudimentary diary.
    Work smarter, not harder
    Manage your hours of rest properly. If you mess up and you've been breaking them or flogging your sheet you're the one in trouble, not the Choff.
    You are infinitely replaceable. Don't risk your health for the Ship/Company. For your mates it's a different matter.
    Learn your Ship, Backup systems, engineering quirks, secondary modes, emergency procedures. Make friends with the ETO/Electrician and 1st Eng.
    Set a good example to the lads. Have the moral courage to pick them up on issues when they cut corners
    The core of leadership is serving others. What do I need to do for my team to help them get the most out of themselves.
    Learn from the Bosun but don't take any bull****
    A lazy deckhand will always find the quickest and easiest way to do a job. This isn't always a bad thing
    Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down?
    20 mins properly in bed is worth an hour dozing on it. Commit to your lunchtime nap
    Keep asking questions, a shiny new ticket does not equal experience
    However, You will be the freshest source of best practice and theory from your Orals preps. Know when to pipe up with suggestions and when to shut up.
    Take a moment to savour the first time you say 'I have the Con'.
    Life is too short for instant coffee
    Don't Crash
    Superyacht OOW
    SSTG Cadet 2015-2017
    Ex Royal Navy Navigator.