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Cadetship with survey vessels but want other vessels when i qualify??

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  • Cadetship with survey vessels but want other vessels when i qualify??


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    Certainly possible, but easier once you have a bit of experience. If the survey company offer you a job then take it, build up the experience and apply for other jobs you are interested in as and when they come up. Much better to be looking for jobs when you already have one than sitting on the dole with no money!
    Regarding ferries they regularly take temp people on through recruitment agencies (often advertised on LinkedIn) and these often become permenant thereafter. Greg Livermore at seamariner seems to be good for these things. I've never dealt with him myself but know people who have.


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      Certain well known british geo-survey companies also pay the best pensions and have the better benefits packages, so do your maths first. Remember ferries will also mean tax so take that into account too.
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        I’d say you have a higher chance of getting ferry work than your container/cruise/tanker counterparts. Definitely contact Seamariner when you’re ready to show availability for short notice temporary work as British officers in British ferry companies enjoy using their generous sick pay at short notice. The companies are all looking at upscaling operations soon as new tonnage is becoming possible thanks to higher revenue being obtained, so new opportunities are likely. Definitely P&O Ferries have an average Officer age of over 40 with many 55+ looking to retire so again, jobs are on their way if they’re not already there.

        Also the majority of ferries in the UK are tax free, you’d be unlucky to get on one of the 6 tax paying foreign going ferries out of the 30 odd possibilities. Salary for 2O