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Conversion from OOW Unlimited to Masters 200Gt

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  • Conversion from OOW Unlimited to Masters 200Gt

    I've been trawling the internet trying to find if it possible to convert an OOW Unlimited to Masters 200Gt. I know the route from OOW to Masters 500gt with 12 months seatime but I've found conflicting answers for the 200GT.

    Does anyone have a definitive answer to this? I'm currently working on small workboats and have about 3 months seatime.

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    The MCA will know for certain, however, my understanding is that the Masters 200GT is primarily aimed at those with a Yachtmasters wishing to step up into the commercial workboat sector.

    MSN 1858 has more information on the requirements for a masters 200GT CoC. The Masters 500GT requirements can be found in MSN 1856.

    It wouldn't hurt to give the MCA a call and find out for certain though?
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      You will need your standard STCW 10 ancillary certification which you will already hold with your OOW Unlimited also including Helm (O)

      So, If you hold an OOW unlimited, regulation II/1 CoC you must meet the following requirements to obtain a Master (code vessels less than 200 GT unlimited area) CoC:
      • 3 months’ seagoing sevice on vessels of between 15 metres and 24 metres or under 200 GT.
      • Hold the applicable ancillary technical and safety course certificates listed in Table A;
      • Hold a valid ENG1 (Medical Fitness Certificate) or accepted equivalent;
      • Pass MCA oral examination for the Master (Code vessels less than 200 GT) oral examination (Annex A, MSN 1868).

      Seagoing service for the Master code less than 200GT CoC can be in the form of seagoing service testimonials or a company letter signed by the owner or operator. This cannot be self-certified.