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Leaving sea life and returning

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  • Leaving sea life and returning

    hi there, due to personal reasons I will soon have to give up my sea going job (4th engineer on oil/ gas tankers) which could exceed a few years before I could consider returning. I was wondering how hard it would be to return after taking several years out? Also how long would it take before you loose you EOOW licence and have to resit.



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    How long have you been licensed? You need 12 months seatime
    within 5 years to revalidate or 3-6months in the last year before renewal. So if you already had 12 months and meet the other requirements you should be good to revlidate when the time comes.

    It would be best if you stayed in the maritime field, ship management etc as this would make it easier to transition back. Can you request a secondment from your current employer?

    What about moving into a job which sees your hope more frequently and able to get home at short notice (ferries, tugs etc)