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2nd Engineer Orals in Beverley, Hull.

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  • 2nd Engineer Orals in Beverley, Hull.

    Hi everyone,

    Been a while since i posted here! Was looking around and couldn't seem to find any info on the Hull office oral experience.

    Anyone have any information? Not sure what to expect. Any experiences (1st or 2nd hand!) would be appreciated.

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    Have you already booked it? I rang them in 2014 and she got confused and said they haven’t done the exams in years... whether she was wrong I don’t know, I ended up going to Liverpool instead.


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      Already booked!

      Just wondering if its worth changing if theres no info, or just go with it and see what happens. Seems they do them there just never heard of anyone going there before!


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        It has (or had) a reputation as one of the ‘easier’ offices but I haven’t actually heard of anyone taking their exams there


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          The examiners still move around the offices so what examiner you're going to get can be random. I wouldn't worry too much about it - if you've prepared then you should be fine wherever you go.
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            My thinking exactly.

            Just going to put the work in and wait and see!


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              18 years ago, they where fine............
              Just as hard/easy as all the others, as ever preparation is the key
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                Resurrecting this thread in hope that somebody can point me in the right direction for 2nd Engineer Orals reports from Hull. Any help appreciated.

                Thanks, James.