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  • 3/O with Experience

    Hi mates,

    I am 3rd Officer, with unlimited OOW 500GT License, Have experience:
    8months on Tanker as 3rd Officer
    4months on RoPAX as 3rd Officer

    What is my chances to find a quickly job on LNG as junior or cruises as junior or 3rd Officer ?

    Also please check my linkedin cv:

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    I have a question - How can you have an unlimited OOW ticket, that also has a tonnage restriction of 500GT on it?
    Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

    Will work for money/sea time.


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      Yep, I was a bit confused by that part. Presume it's a OOW Unlimited and 500gt Master?

      Anyway, for the OP, all you can do is just keep applying. A lot of officers are chasing the same jobs, so it's important to keep hammering on the doors of the potential employers and agencies.


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        Nope, according to LinkedIn it's a OOW 500GT

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