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    I qualified a few months ago but realise i am still getting charged my Nautilaus student membership fee which to be honest we were pretty much coerced into taking. As employment seems highely unlikely at present is there a point in having it ?

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    My personal opinion is that Nautilus are an utter waste of space and a bunch of self serving tossers who don't give a stuff for their members and my advice would be to save your money, but others may have different experience with them.
    Go out, do stuff


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      I am thinking that myself Clanky. I was dubious when the rep came into the class. I just didnt know if there was any benefit in having this membership at all.


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        Cancel your Nautilus membership, they p*ss it up the wall "visiting" cruise ships. Join a general working union, such as Unite (if you want to pledge allegiance to Labour), much cheaper and will give you all the legal advice and representation you'll ever need.


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          Cut them turds loose!


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            Frankly they are hopeless and it's only really inertia that I'm still a member
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            No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

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