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How can I help my partner get over the fact that I have to leave?

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    Originally posted by Midge View Post
    Can you use voice call on what's app? You could arrange in advance to get flowers or a plant sent every now and then, if you have a local florist write the cards and ask them to be sent with them. Coincide with any particular memorable dates that kind of thing. Any local shop somewhere that could deliver small gifts. No need to be expensive things. I'd also get her involved in some activity or hobby if she doesn't already, keep her occupied. Perhaps she is a tad controlling? Crying moody stuff because it's not something she can control? At least she has her family and friends around when you are not there, where as that's not something you lot at sea have is it.
    Good plan with the gifts. Her family aren't around either which makes it harder. Unfortunately no what's app calling.
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      Originally posted by 750XL View Post
      Slightly off topic so apologies for the thread drift, but generally what forms of communication are available when you're at sea, to contact loved ones?

      From what I gather, internet access tends to be a luxury at sea not provided by many companies.
      Internet still a luxury among many deep sea cargo ships. Satelite internet for me costs about 6 dollars for 20mb. However, ship's email is free to use and there is an email account for all personnel.

      As a cadet, I was onboard a ship with only email and one email address to be shared among the 20 or so personnel.
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        Yep, access to communication varies massively from ship to ship. Some only have e-mail access, others have full V-Sat internet. I recently piloted a ship which only used Sat C Telex still, quite a surprise. Once in port you will become adept at searching out wi-fi access, many of the mission to seafarers provide internet. Three mobile offer international roaming without additional costs to many countries which I've found useful, once you realise that phone range is 10-15nm maximum passage plans are slightly modified to obtain signal and everyone arrives on the bridge after weeks without phone signal to regularly check and quickly get in some text messages and phone calls (one caveat with this is to make sure at night you don't leave your phone to automatically adjust time zone as you may find your alarm clock goes off at the wrong time). Okay enough rambling from me.