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Attending Job Fair for Cruise Companies

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  • Attending Job Fair for Cruise Companies

    Hi guys

    Forgive me if this seems a bit of a daft question. I have been unsuccessful so far in finding a job thus far which isn't uncommon to new Engine Officers and i have been trying to network but not really getting anywhere apart from the 2x knockbacks from BP. I have seen a "Jobs fair" advertised that i registered to to attend in 7-8 weeks time for cruise companies. Does anybody know if these things are genuine
    jobs fairs etc as i have heard folk saying they are rubbish and the companies aren't really interested which i suppose there could be a point to as i have been unsuccessful so far going down the traditional route of applying, sending CV/cover letters and follow ups etc to the very companies who are due to attend. Money is tight at the moment and it is being held at the opposite end of the country for me (I am in Western Islands of Scotland event is in London) so i am anxious about spending a lot of travel money/hotels etc if it is a lot of guff plus i need to spend additional money updating my ENG. Anybody who has been to one of these events or even been successful please let me know or likewise if these events are great


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    This sounds like one of the events held by recruitment agencies mainly aimed at hotel staff.

    I would suggest your better just applying direct to the various cruise lines as most have open applications for deck and engine officers - as you'll probably find it's mainly various reps for a variety of hotel agencies etc.
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