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Eng 1 with no paper work

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  • Eng 1 with no paper work

    I might have made a silly mistake. I sent off my documents for an noe. Only problem is I need a new eng 1. Will this be a problem if I show up with a photocopy of my old eng 1 and discharge book?
    Or will the doctor insist on seeing originals?

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    Depends on who the doctor is, and is it the same doctor as you saw last time?


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      E-mail the MCA and ask if they can send the ENG1 back separately. I recently did this when I needed mine to go back to sea and they were taking an age to process things.


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        I know people who have had a new eng1 without bringing their old one with them, but probably depends on the doctor


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          You'll be fine, last 2 times I've been to get a new one I never had my old one, if it's the same place you are getting it they will still have copies of your old ones as well.


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            Just got this sorted. If any one is interested the doctor insisted on the old one. He was however able to solve it. He called the mca and they are sending the old one to him by courier. Only issue is it cost me 20 quid and I have to wait till he gets it before he will give my new one.