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  • LNG Fuelled Shipping Survay


    I am conducting a Study into LNG Fuelled shipping for my university dissertation and would greatly value the options and views of seafarers even if you have no experience of working with LNG.

    I have put together a survey which only takes a few minutes and would appreciate if you wouldn't mind completing it for me?

    please click on the link below;

    Many Thanks

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    We are miles behind the likes of Norway when it comes to bunkering LNG as a fuel.


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      I did you survey but am not sure how useful it will be. Eg one question is: there is enough infastructure for long fuel ships. Am not sure this is a simple yes no question I could probably take pages to answer this.

      I thought this about a few questions you had. These aren't simple yea no questions.

      So what is the subject of your project on. Am guessing it has something do with LNG fueled ships. This is an area close to me I used to work on LNG carriers now I work on ferries. My compay is build an LNG fueled ferry I will likely serve on when it's done. So it's an area interest to me.

      I'd also love to see what you come up with when your projects done


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        Thank you all very much for your responses and completing my survay.

        I really appreciate any feedback and opinions that experienced seafarers like yourselves have to offer.

        I agree with you Lewis LNG Fuelled Shipping is relatively new technology and has lot of interesting elements and I could quite happy expand my survay down many different avenues. I have to however limit the scope of my investigation to focuse on only a few isuues. Such as training.

        I'm more than happy to share my findings once I've completed my dissertation.

        Many thanks