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Pssr and first aid

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  • Pssr and first aid

    Well lads and ladies I have a question about my pssr and and elementary first aid.the certificates I have I did them in 2008 and there is no expire date on these certificates.the company Iam working with has told me I have to update these part of Manila amendments as far as I no they don't have to be update but I could be wrong about this.iam not sure what's my next step do I have to do these courses again or is it possible to just get the certificates update so they have an expire date on them to make my company happy all information about this me greatfull and has any one else been put in this situation thanks in advance

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    You don't have to update PSSR and medical ones are questionable if the not responsible for medical care onboard although your medical one will need to have been issued in last 5 years when your CoC is renewed / upgraded
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      This is exactly what I was tjinking now Iam thinking that they just want me to update them for there paper work system that requires a expire date to be filled in