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Windstar Cruises - engineering

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  • Windstar Cruises - engineering


    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Windstar Cruises in the engine department, particular role of Third Engineer?
    Just be good to have info on basic routines, crew structure, onboard life, free time ect the usual

    Cheers in advance

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    Disaster - Don't touch with a barge pole


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      Originally posted by lazygenius View Post
      Disaster - Don't touch with a barge pole
      Why's that?
      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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        Need to be good with a needle and thread?


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          Hi everyone,

          Could you guys give me some info about engineering position in this company? how many our daily at work, hard job? Is it possible to go ashore?what about social life? I have opportunity to work there but I am not sure it can be a good change. Currently I work in Royal Caribbean. Thanks


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            Royal Caribbean are probably a lot better than wind star... a friend of mine went for a job as a third at wind star and he got his handover on the gangway then was dropped into the deep end, he did a few weeks and now he's back with us. He was the only British engineer onboard, in a team of Filipinos.


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              Windstar does not actually have any Filipino engineering Officers, so I suspect your friend was not being entirely honest.
              The main difference between WSC and somewhere like RCI is that a 3 EO would be a single watchkeeper. The ships are also pretty old with limited automation.
              On the plus side, you would get a great deal more hands on experience in WSC than you would in RCI. Opportunities for going ashore are pretty good but there is limited social life onboard.
              I would probably say that WSC for an engineer is a sort of half way house between cargo and cruise in many ways.
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