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    Hello everyone! I am graduate of the Azov Maritime Institute (Ukraine) where I was a student of the Navigation Department. During the education I got practice in the local sea port on the tugs. My main responsibilities were maintaining deck areas, taking part in the 'watch' which incorporates most arrivals and departures from port, steering the ship and complying with helm orders.

    After institute I can not find work according to my specialty, that's why I signed contract with company MSC Cruises where I
    holding the position of Floor Runner.

    For now, I have one international contract in the MSC Cruises, and 3 local. But I want to get practice on the big cargo ships, because on the tugs was very old equipments and I need improve my skills.

    I need your expert opinions, which international companies can recruit me (with Ukrainian Documents) on the position Deck cadet or Ordinary seaman?

    Yours sincerely