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  • Anglo-Eastern Interview

    Hi I've recently recieved an interview date for Anglo-Eastern on the 25th of June. This will be my second interview for an Engine Cadet role in the first I was unsuccesful, I was just wondering whatn the interview is like abit more specific to the company itself, if anyone has experience of an interview with Anglo-Eastern on what may be asked I would be grateful for some advice. Thanks!

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    It would be handy to:
    -research the basics of the engine room on a ship i.e. 2stroke and 4 stroke engines
    -what the job as a cadet entails
    -check out the companies anglo manages the cadets for because they might ask you about them
    -you might get asked questions like the last book you read and stuff like that
    I did my interview a few years ago with anglo and it was quite informal and lasted about 45mins-1hr.. was just a chat about my background and my knowledge of ships (which was quite small). Some people i know that also worked for anglo were sent away to write essays because there were a few candidates at the same level. Hopefully some of this information helps you with your interview.

    Dont panic and make sure you dress smartly!!
    Good luck!!


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      Connor - I'm starting as an AE deckie in sept, if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me!
      Anglo-Eastern Cadet sponsored by DAO Shipping. I also like steam engines.


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        Thanks for the help got offered the cadetship today, start in September at Warsash


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          I'll just leave this here...
          Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

          Will work for money/sea time.