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    Working for the BAS is my dream job. I have experience of ice navigation, cold weather etc (though obviously Montreal in winter and Scotland in winter don't quite compare to Antarctica). Does anyone have any experience working for the BAS? I am aware of their website and vacancies section but very little seems to come up in the marine department.


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    It's a dead man's shoes job mostly. They only have a few ships and when people find a good thing, they stick with it! I know a few people who work for BAS and work in the same area (we only go as far as South Georgia though). With BAS be prepared to be at sea solidly for 4 months. I have heard a few bad things about them too, but this was from a drunken and disgruntled member of crew who now doesn't work for them any more... One of their former Chief mates is now Government Officer on South Georgia and she had only good things to say about working for BAS (a LOT depends on the Chief Officer....).

    When you've qualified, send them a spankingly good CV and ask if they have any vacancies...


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      We have a former BAS second officer working for us and he does not have much good to say about them.
      Have you thought about expedition ships? - you get to see lots more of Antarctica that way - VShips, Columbia and Fleetpro all having manning contracts with various ships.
      One problem with BAS is that they are giving up the charter on the Shackleton, so it will just be the JCR (as far as I am aware). But if it is your dream job to work with BAS, then of course you should give it a go! - get on linkedin and try and find out who actually decides on the manning - much better to reach out to someone than just fill out another online form.
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        Cheers all for the advice.



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          Third Officer position available, got to be quick as the deadline is tomorrow


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            Much appreciated, already seen and applied for! Fingers crossed.


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              I sailed with a 4th Engineer years ago that done a year with them and he never had much nice to say about them. He said that the crew were very cliquey and he never felt very welcome. Also he said that in the summer the ships used to go back to the North Sea to work and he got hit bad for tax.