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    signed up to loads of crewing services and came across Delta Meco Has any one heard of them a bit cautious when they asked for bank details was wondering if anyone had used them before i sign up.

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    Apparently they're partnered with SSTG. Best thing to do would be to give them a call and see what they say about them...
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      I was offered a job with them on Hamburg Sud ships. They act as agents for Columbia Ship Management who manage a number of Hamburg Sud ships (containerships).

      Went through whole recruitment process but had to decline offer due to family problems.

      The bank detail part does seem a little dodgy however I can confirm they are fully legitimate and not a bunch of cowboys. As part of the recruitment process I had to do a skype interview with the guy who runs the company, Paul Sherwood. Don't know of any other agencies who do that. Normally its just e-mails, maybe a phone call and then send them copies of your documents.

      They also sent me loads of info about the ships and also the manning schedule for the ships so you can see who's on what ship. Not many Brits unfortunately but that was over 2 years ago. Things might have changed but I doubt it. The one I was meant to be going on was full of Poles and a few Germans.

      Trip lengths were 4-5 months on a 2:1 leave ratio. Only paid for time you're on-board i.e not salaried and the rate was pretty low compared to most other companies but if you just did one trip you could prob come home with up to 15k in your back pocket.

      Don't know your circumstances but might be worth a go if you're looking for good deep-sea experience. One trip will give you a good few months of sea time towards your next ticket and a bit of cash in the bank.


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        If they are a legitimate outfit then they probably want your bank details so that they can pay you, if your not happy giving them out then withold them until they offer you a job, shouldn't be an issue.

        I assume they are asking for iban / swift etc. ?
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