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  • Princess cruises assessment day

    Hi all,

    Got an assessment day next week with Princess cruises. Hoping to join as a 3rd ETO.

    I would be transferring from land as an electrical tech.

    Any tips/ideas what this assessment day is all about? I have a HNC in electrical engineering with fairly deep technical knowledge going beyond that, will the questions be primarily technically based? Or more situational (there's a man overboard with an olive stuck in his throat, what do you do? etc.)

    I initially applied for the cadetship role but they said I could interview for the 3rd position (there the only company that have allowed that in my search) so I am a little concerned that my knowledge of ship-based technology (anything communication or navigation I'd be stuffed!) will be too little when compared with experienced candidates transferring from a cadetship or similar role.

    Anyhow I can't afford the pay cut for a cadetship so this would be my only opportunity to sail the seven seas for employment.

    Any info would be appreciated!


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    Based on my recent interviews you will get a mixture of competency and technical questions in the interview part of the day. I imagine the rest of the day will be based on the Carnival cadet assesment day.
    Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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      Don't be too scared that you don't have the experience, worked with a 3rd ETO who came from shore, he was excellent i found learning from him even better than some officers and he learnt a lot while on the job (ships have good library's, he'd also collected loads of stuff off the computers and you basically build your own library on your hard drive). He's just moved into comm's with no experience and their happy with that cause they know you will learn plus on cruises you obviously have the techs and other ETO officers, I think princess even separate their comms and have a 2nd and 1st?


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        Can anyone give me some information on what the assessment day involved?