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Permanent contract to agency work. Anyone switched?

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  • Permanent contract to agency work. Anyone switched?

    Hey folks,

    Long time lurker on this forum.

    I've always found the answers from other threads so never had to post.

    I'm contemplating leaving my current job to do ad-hoc agency work as I want to be more flexible with my leave.

    I have minimal commitments at home. Other than a mortgage which just about pays itself with AirBnb while I'm at sea.

    Agency might give me a chance to get experience beyond the boats I'm currently on (PSVs).

    So, has anyone made that switch? Am I crazy to be giving up a permanent position right now?

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    Your mortgage provider might not be happy with you changing as they likely lent to you based on your current income and status of employment, and when you signed up for it there was a clause that you agreed to saying "do you foresee any changes to your circumstances which may affect your ability to pay your mortgage?".

    I know a lot of full time agency workers but they're all home owners or live abroad and bought their houses with cash. Is it not worth selling your house and buying in a country where you can go without a mortgage? A lot of ferry motormen are agency workers that do 4 months in the UK then go back to Thailand where they live like kings with their cash.