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    So, very vague queries here...

    I'm a newly qualified Deck officer - or at least I qualified and haven't been to sea... It was half a year ago or so. I actually worked ashore for a bit but want to get back to sea. In terms of CV - I think I'm ok but if someone wants to have a look it would be appreciated!

    I've been struggling a bit with finding opportunities which I understand is hardly a new issue! I've applied to any job adverts currently up, and sent speculative applications to 20 or so companies but nothing back sadly. I haven't really been chasing them up (this weeks job) but really not having much success - usually just no replies! One thing that is particularly annoying is that there appear to be more adverts for Cadets (praising the job prospects when qualified) but- then as far as I can find - no job openings for NQOs! Irritating but just the way it is I suppose.

    So I'm really looking for some advice. What is the best way to go about 'pursuing' a job when they aren't advertised? Are there particular companies that anyone knows to be recruiting now or in the near future? Is it worth self-funding courses such as DP etc?

    Any pointers appreciated!

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    From what i can gather (im an eoow employed) the job market for oow is vastly differeent. My best friend recently qualified shortly before xmas as oow but decided to wait until after the new year to start applying for jobs. He applied for everythig he possibly could and after a month and a half was only offer an interview as an AB on a a ferry and a job as a deckhand on a yacht (albeit a decent job but still not putting your ticket to good use). I was lucky to get a job 4 days after my coc came through my letter box and im still in the same job now (2 years) but i think atm its just a case of being incredibly lucky and the right place at the right time sort of thing when applying for jobs when newly qualified. Try Teekay tankers, they are on a big recruitment drive and no DCE not essential.


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      TK have a few more ships to come this year so will no doubt be recruiting again. Last year they were hiring folk with zero experience or dce but lately they are wanting at least 3 months LNG experience. Definitely worth a try though.