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  • Real talk.

    Right, as a deckie about to do my final exams etc, I’m more inclined not to continue in this career. Personal choices and all, I’ve tried it, i don’t like the idea of going back to sea.

    Realistically, how transferable are the skills and qualifications to shore side jobs?

    Ive been asking this for a while and have no definitive answer, and I’m not the only one stumped.

    It’s genuinely stressing. The only things I can think of is police officer or fire fighter and frankly their wages aren’t worth the stress of the job either.

    Little help will go a long way. Cheers.

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    What was your experience at sea like and what didn't you like about it?

    You could study a masters in something unrelated and go from there? or go into project management and get a city job.


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      There are maritime related industries that like to have people with experience at sea. For example, agents, cargo planners, ship brokers, marine insurers etc. VTS may be interested if you have your GMDSS GOC. Not a great salary but could be a good start while you find something else.

      Someone from my intake is now a tea buyer for Yorkshire tea... Anything is possible


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        There are plenty of oppurtunities. Gotta be realistic though, the academic qualification we get at the end of the cadetship is low. In any industry outside of maritime they are going to value it as what it says on the paper be it HNC/D/FD whatever. And that makes you less attractive than a grad. The downside of this is sadly we can take expect then same salaries as we would want at sea. 3rd Officers get good money considering it's a first job!

        However, you do have some pretty unique skills. If you do your SSO course, you can easily go into shore based security as a manager, just 'inflate' your involvement with security onboard (but not too much and don't lie!)

        If you are interested in a career in maritime, then the options above are all good. Ships Agent, Juniors in Management offices, all sorts of personnel roles are suitable and attainable for someone with some maritime exposure. When you start looking at Analyst/Broker/Charterer jobs that's a little more of a stretch. Project Management (SPD/Fd) experience helps here but isn't vital. If you get an interview a lot of this will come down to your confidence, knowledge and personality.

        The jobs you mentioned are are well suited to someone from the MN, have a look at the roles promoted to military leavers and see what skills you have that can be applied. Don't restrict yourself to the maritime industry but there are lots and lots of oppurtunies available in the wider industry that rely on the soft skills you will have picked up and the broad industry exposure you now have. Don't short sell yourself!


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          Why dont you sit all your exams and then have another think of your future?
          That way at the very least you'll have a certification and your last few years will have meant something.
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