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  • Deck OOW Technical Interview

    So after years of looking for a potential permanent position, a cruise company has allowed me progress with an application and I may be having a technical interview over the phone.
    i have never had one of these before and rather nervous, does anyone have any experience with these? What sort of questions do they ask? Any advice?
    thank you!

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    The technical interview is basically a mini oral with one of captains from their fleet. You'll need knowledge of COLREGS, passage planning, ECDIS, LSA/FFA and tendering (IE small boat handling). All they're trying to find out is if you're safe, and if they can sleep at night when you're on watch.

    Don't worry though, they're usually pretty nice and won't try to trip you up - It's honestly just a conversation about what you know.
    Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

    Will work for money/sea time.